Eye of the Storm Leadership
150 Ideas, Stories, Quotes, and Excercises On The
Art and Politics of Managing Human Conflicts
by Peter Adler, Ph.D.

What Others Say

“Democracy requires us to bring different people together to solve problems and achieve a common vision. Adler’s book gives us practical and inspirational tools for doing this. This is must-reading for elected and appointed leaders in the public sector.�

– The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, Governor – State of Kansas

“Eye of the Storm Leadership is a beautiful book that creeps up on you. I read it in Islamabad, Pakistan where new approaches to conflict resolution and peace-creating are direly needed. They are needed all over the world, but in the high conflict situation that is Pakistan today, this book gives us wise counsel. There are case studies and wise sayings and behind it all, a clear methodology and theory of peace making. Adler’s words can help us through the challenging times ahead.�

- Sohail Inayatullah, Professor of Futures Studies - International Management Centres Association and Fellow, World Futures Studies Federation.

"Governance systems are in need of some serious change if we are to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. This handbook provides some food for thought as we embark on a new phase of our democracy."

- The Honorable John Kitzhaber, Physician, Former President of the Senate, and Former Governor – State of Oregon, 1995 to 1999.

"If you want a thought-provoking, engaging and at times inspirational read, then this is the book for you."

     - John Sautelle, Director of Performgroup.

“A wise and insightful book that entertains, empowers, and amuses. I recommend clearing a space on your desk and consulting it twice daily.�

- Tania Sourdin, Professor of Conflict Resolution, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, The University of Queensland

“We all yearn for a better way forward in conflict resolution, be it the courtroom, boardroom or halls of government, our families or communities. Peter Adler's 150 gems of folk wisdom add up to a fresh path and dare us to take the chance."

     - Ed Case, U.S. Congressman (Hawaii 2002-2007)

“Provocative and challenging, Peter Adler's "Eye of the Storm" utilizes everyday situations and international crisises to stimulate our thinking and to explore new ways of creating resolution.  Each of the 15 chapters (including Guerilla Bridge Building, Turbo-Charging Negotiation, Working Together and Artful Communication) is broken down into 10 sections with stories, quotes, and exercises which push us, encourage us, and occasionally chastise us to look beyond our complacency and demand the very best of ourselves as conflict resolvers.  To quote Adler:  â€˜Strap on your seatbelts.’  He takes you on a ride you have never taken before.â€�

- Nina Meierding, MS, JD - Mediator and Trainer. Founding Member and Past President of the Ventura Center for Dispute Settlement

“Eye of the Storm Leadership proves to be a most insightful guide to addressing a host of challenging problems confronting both organizations and citizens.  What emerges provides hope that reason and emotion, political argument, and consensus can be mobilized for the greater good.  At a time when all major institutions face challenges of authority and credibility, Peter Adler adds a fresh perspective for recapturing the vital center.â€�

- Terry F. Yosie, President & CEO, World Environment Center

“This book digs about as deep as you can go into the politics of leadership, while maintaining a simple and easy to navigate approach. It takes the static approach to problem solving and demonstrates dynamic models through the use of exceptional anecdotes and stories. Each segment of the book is so thought provoking that an entire class could be presented on the subject. Bravo to Peter Adler for bringing this little gem to our community.�

- Jeffery Krivis, First Mediation Corporation

“Peter Adler understands the crazy, messy, inspiring process that is democracy.  It is ego, wisdom, leadership, vision and chaos together that define politics and the seeking of solutions.  Adler’s insights into all of these are exceptional.â€�

- The Honorable Christine M. Scanlan – Colorado House of Representatives

“Adler's spare prose and ‘straight talk’ engage the reader in a joint exercise evaluating the way leaders deal with problems. His quick paced style avoids the pit-falls of over-blown, tendentious prose that marks so many ‘leadership’ books.  It's the kind of book that gets dog eared from use rather than gathering dust on the shelf.â€�

- Stephen Ramsey, Vice President for Corporate Environmental Programs, General Electric Conmpany (GE)

“Eye of the Storm Leadership is a brilliant, beautifully written, paradoxical tour-de-force.  It is told through metaphors, parables, historical sketches and stories that blend a mediator’s sensitivity with rough-and-tumble lessons from centuries of political conflict.  It is a work of art; both profound and practical yet full of wisdom, examples, and sage advice.  Adler writes: “… stories are a way of gaining insight into hopes, fears, problems, and expectations.  When we tell them, stories mirror what you stand for.  When we organize them, they are a form of knowledge management.  When we elicit them, they reveal our common humanity.â€�  This is beautifully put, but the remarkable thing is, his book does these things, and more.  It is not to be missed.â€� 

- Kenneth Cloke, author Conflict Revolution: Mediating Evil, War, Injustice, and Terrorism, Janis Publications, May 2008 (forthcoming)

“Guiding contentious gatherings through maelstroms of conflict is not for sissies. It requires guts, imagination, and guerrilla tactics.  Eye of the Storm Leadership is a treasury of pithy, provocative, and poignant nuggets. Adler, a master facilitator and mediator, writes in prose that grabs your attention and holds it as he adds real muscle.

- Loren Ekroth, Ph.D., aka "Dr. Conversation", Publisher of Conversation-Matters at http://www.conversationmatters.com.

“Peter Adler says: ‘Leaders without stories are like food without flavor.’ This is a book of delicious stories. The book leaves the reader with hope, optimism and the belief that problem-solvers in groups and communities really CAN bring about positive change.�

- Susan Chandler, Ph.D., Director - Institute for Public Policy, University of Hawaii

“Eye-of-the-Storm Leadership by Peter Adler is an anthology of insight that can serve as a beacon in our turbulent times. It identifies the key tenets that shape a great society and provides provocative thoughts to help us rehabilitate our greatness�

- Keith A. Wheeler, President - Foundation for Our Future

“Humans feel excitement when they are involved in conflict. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without it. So, when we set out to resolve a conflict we are asking folks to give up something they love and may even be addicted to.  We ask them to forgo the excitement in exchange for stability and security –- nice indeed, but boring.  Adler offers a large tool kit for that task.  I liken it to a cookbook. Read it in bites. Adjust seasonings to taste.â€�

- George Stranahan - Physicist, Rancher, Distiller and Producer of “Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey� (www.stranahan.com)

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